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Our culture encourages personal interaction so you’re always a valued integral part of the team. We encourage you to learn more about how a career at CIA Careers Institute of America could be the perfect match for your skills and goals.

Careers Institute of America was established in 2013 as a private Trade college. So many of bright, ambitious students have passed through our doors. We offer convenient class schedules according to our students needs (Days, Evenings and Weekends). We are proud to provide a life changing opportunity for  our students which makes Careers Institute of America the right choice for their fresh start. 


 Wonderful Life-changing Learning

​​​Careers Institute of America is approved by the Texas Workforce Commission.

Call for more information: [972-239-3630]

This is a good news for non-traditional students considering going back to school to either protect a job they love or to find a more secure position. Take the advice from our professionals. Checks out what CIA have to offer you. Ask how make it easy for you to take classes while you’re working and raising a family. Make an appointment with a counselor. Take action. You don’t ever have to go hungry.

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So we are very committed amongst our various reforms that are trying to make the training market a market that operates very much on the basis of skilling people for real jobs and that what people are taught is relevant to job outcomes. CIA students will return home with new insights and understanding about the technology that will help them to contribute to the economic and cultural life of USA and modern World.