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Fire Alarm System Technician (FAST):


This program is 40 hours program designed for engineering technicians working in the fire alarm industry  who engages in a combination of the following fire alarm systems activities: system layout (plan preparation), system equipment selection, system installation, system acceptance testing, system trouble-shooting, system  servicing, and system technical sales. Technical areas covered include applicable codes and standards, types of detectors and signaling systems, supervision requirements, power requirements, building /space structure and occupancy considerations, and basic electricity and electronics..

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Video Security System Technician (VSST):

This program is 40 hours and to recognize  the professionalism of qualified program technicians as a Video Security Systems Technician at Level 1. This program is based on an analysis of the tasks that are performed by a competent technician. The content outline is a listing of tasks that should be performed well  by a level 1 Technician. Also included are knowledge and skills needed to succeed at each task. The task are grouped into larger areas of responsibilities, or domains. The domains are: System Installation, System Testing and Commissioning Troubleshooting Documentation.