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Fiber Optics Technician (FOT):

This introductory 40 hours fiber optic course is designed for anyone interested in learning basic fiber optic networking. This program combines theory and  hands-on activities to prepare the student connecting, splicing and testing optical fibers is the more labor- intensive part of the installation process. Joining optic cables correctly requires time, special tools, and specific skills. Fiber optic Technician program is based on an extensive knowledge of fiber optics technology and application as well as demonstrated skill in appropriate tasks.   The FOT has been structured as a general technology training not aligned to any specific  job function. It is used by all installers, both outside plant and premises installers, two very different applications, plus component manufacturing technicians, network managers, network designers,  etc.

Premises Cable Technician (PCT):


Premises cabling 40 hours, includes  what is called structured cabling, are an indoor cabling system designed to carry voice, data and video signals in a commercial or residential environment. Traditionally, cabling has focused on "Cat 5" "Cat 6"unshielded and shielded  twisted pair cables as used in Ethernet network ,but network architectures are changing. As a result, the technician  looking to become trained in the proper installation of premises cabling must now know about three closely - related technologies: UTP copper, fiber optic and wireless. To learn more about copper, wireless and how fiber is used in structured cabling network.

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