Week 1 Personal computer components
Week 2 Operating system fundamentals

Week 3 PC technician professional best practices

Week 4 PC technician professional best practices
Week 5 Installing and configuring components

Week 6 Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows

Week 7 Open Systems Interconnection Specifications           
Week 8 Networking Devices

Week 9 Introduction to Internet Protocol (IP)

Week 10 Wireless Technologies

Week 11 Wireless Technologies
Week 12 Network Troubleshooting

Week 13 Introducing, Installing, and Upgrading Windows 7
Week 14 Understanding Native Applications
Week 15 Managing Applications, Services, and Folders
Week 16 Maintaining, Updating, and Protecting Windows 7
Week 17 Understanding Backup and Recovery Method

Week 18 Managing Windows Server 2008 R2  
Week 19 Managing Storage
Week 20 Monitoring and Troubleshooting Servers
Week 21 Essential Services
Week 22 Popular Windows Network Services and Applications

Week 23 Understanding Security Layers    
Week 24 Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
Week 25 Understanding Security Policy

Week 26 Understanding Network Security
Week 27 Protecting the Server and Client

Week 28 Configure hardware and application

Week 29 Configure network connectivity

Week 30 Configure access to resources
Week 31 Configure remote access and mobility
Week 32 Configure backup and recovery options

Week 33 Worksheet: Job Choices, Values, Attitude, Needs, Skills and Abilities.

Week 34 Resume Preparation                                 
Week 34 Organizing, Search, and Planning
Week 35 Interviewing Made Almost Easy

Week 36 Supporting Operating System Installation
Week 37 Supporting Windows Store and Cloud Apps
Week 38 Supporting Network Connectivity
 Week 39 Supporting Client Compliance
Week 40 Managing Clients by Using Windows Intune

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Program Description:
CIA program is designed to prepare students to become CompTIA Certified A+, Network+, Security+ Technicians, Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional (MCSA) certification. Students will also learn how to create an effective resume, methods for job search, and how to get ready for a job interview. Job Placement assistance is also provided..

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NE100- A+ Computer Service Technician
This course fully maps to CompTIA new 2015 A+ Exam objectives. Students will be instructed in a step-by-step approach for learning the fundamentals of supporting and troubleshooting computer hardware and software. This Course covers every aspect of the required both exams. Student will learn the current software and hardware, and mobile OSes.
 (Lecture 45 Clock Hrs. / Lab 45 Clock Hrs / Total 90 Clock Hrs. / 6.5 Quarter Cr Hrs.) [Prerequisite: None]

NE101- Network+
The student will be introduced to the Network+ certification exam and its content. The text presents current coverage of networking hardware and software along with the skills necessary to succeed in the dynamic field of networking.  Students learn networking fundamentals such as protocols, network design and troubleshooting and support.
(Lecture 45 Clock Hrs. / Lab 45 Clock Hrs / Total 90 Clock Hrs. / 6.5 Quarter Cr Hrs.) [Prerequisite: None]

NE102- Desktop Operating System Fundamentals
Students are introduced to key features of computer operating systems. The course assumes that the students have previously used a personal computer with the Windows or Linux operating systems. Fundamental technology concepts with a foundation for students' careers as well as the confidence they need to succeed in advanced studies. This Course text covers the following Windows Operating System vital fundamental skills:  Students will be able to instantly operating systems to complete the numerous hands-on activities.
(Lecture 45 Clock Hrs. / Lab 45 Clock Hrs / Total 90 Clock Hrs. / 6.5 Quarter Cr Hrs.) [Prerequisite: None]

NE103- Windows Server Administration Fundamentals*

This course maps fully student’s future success in and out of the classroom.  Server fundamentals such as managing Windows Servers (including virtualization) and storage, along with monitoring and troubleshooting servers are included. It also covers such topics as essential naming, directory, and print services. Students also learn of popular Windows Network Services and Applications.
 (Lecture 45 Clock Hrs. / Lab 45 Clock Hrs / Total 90 Clock Hrs. / 6.5 Quarter Cr Hrs.) [Prerequisite: NE102]

NE104- Networking Fundamentals*
Student will learn in this course fundamental of local area networking, defining networks with the OSI Model and understanding wired and wireless networks.  In addition it includes understanding Internet Protocol, implementing TCP/IP and working with networking services. Your students will better understand wide area networks along with defining network infrastructures and network security.
Lecture 45 Clock Hrs. / Lab 45 Clock Hrs / Total 90Clock Hrs. / 6.5 Quarter Cr Hrs.) (Prerequisite: NE102]

NE105- Network Security Fundamentals*
Students are introduced in basic networking technology and terminology, including the ISO?OSI Network Reference Model, DoD networking model, IP addressing and name resolution, and other concepts and understanding of security layers, operating system security, network security, and security software.
(Lecture 45 Clock Hrs. / Lab 45 Clock Hrs / Total 90 Clock Hrs. / 6.5 Quarter Cr Hrs.) [Prerequisite NE102 and NE103]

NE106- Configuring Windows 8.1*

This course explores Window Server 2012 networking and helps students learn how to prepare for the MCTS/MCITP Exam 70-642: Window Server 2012 Network Infrastructure. The course includes instruction in configuring, managing, and troubleshooting networking features and services in window 2012 Server environment.
(Lecture 45 Clock Hrs. / Lab 45 Clock Hrs / Total 90 Clock Hrs. / 6.5 Quarter Cr Hrs.) [Prerequisite: NE100, NE101, NE102, NE103, NE104, and NE105]

WFS111- Career Planning

Students in this course will how to write a resume and cover letter, search for job leads, prepare for an interview, follow-up after an interview, and plan for career advancement.
(Lecture 18 Clock Hrs. / Lab 00 Clock Hrs / Total 18 Clock Hrs. / 2 Quarter Cr Hrs.) [Prerequisite: None]

NE107- Supporting Windows 8.1*
In this course students master configuration or support for Windows 8 computers, devices, users and associated network and security resources. Additional skills addressed, including the recent 8.1 objectives, in this course student also learn design an installation and application strategy, maintain resource access, maintain Windows clients and devices, and manage Windows 8 using Cloud services and Microsoft desktop optimization pack.
(Lecture 45 Clock Hrs. / Lab 45 Clock Hrs / Total 90 Clock Hrs. / 6.5 Quarter Cr Hrs.) [Prerequisite: NE100, NE101, NE102, NE103, NE104, NE105 and NE106]